Many users Android devices get confused and difficult to import contact from iPhone to Android. Previously, a device with iOS platforms like the iPhone is getting its own place in the market. However, along with the many Android-based software products that offers a variety of convenience and comfort, many iPhone users interested in switching to the platform. The problem of transferring contact list from the previous iPhone to Android-based devices is actually not as difficult as you imagine if you know how much easier and practical. You would be very reluctant to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android to write one by one in which it is not only exhausting also allows the data to be tucked.

import Contact from iPhone to Android

In this case, you can import contact from iPhone to Android in a more sophisticated and practical. You can synchronize your Google account. Android device users typically require a Google account. In this case, when you do not have an account, you can make it in advance. Furthermore, you can make arrangements on your iPhone in the 'mail, contacts, calendar' and press the 'Add Account. In this case, you can choose your Google account so that you can synchronize what is needed on the account. You should make sure your internet connection is stable network so that the synchronization process will run smoothly. Synchronizing your Google account is one very easy way to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android.

Another possible way to transfer is via iCloud. It is a cloud storage feature that can be used to store a variety of data where the data can be opened in any other gadget that has been synchronized with the iCloud. It also can be done when you want to do transferring contact from iPhone to Android. How to use these features are also very easy to get contacts from an iPhone to an Android device that is you need to go to Settings and select Mail, Contacts, Calendar. Furthermore, you can click Accounts and select iCloud to change Contacts who will bring order to merge contact with iCloud. This method will allow you to get a list of contacts that you need. Moreover, there are several other ways that can be done to import contacts from iPhone to Android.