Bringing iOS Emojis on Android Devices without Rooting

How to view iPhone emojis on Android? We know that the iOS always came with a new set of emojis on every version. But, they are just part of the iOS, while other OS like Android does not have it. Actually, there is a possible way to get iOS emojis on Android and we do not have to root our Android device. As we know, rooting is a risky complicated process that many of us do not understand how to do it. Making a little mistake when rooting Android device leaves us a serious problem.

So, how to view iPhone emojis on Android devices? What we need to do is searching and installing the right application. FlipFont 3 is the application we can find on the Google Play Store allows us to get iOS emojis on Android without root. What’s next? 

How to view iPhone emojis on Android

The first step we have to do is downloading the FlipFont 3 app from the play store and then install it on our Android device. Once we install the FlipFont 3 app, we have to open and head to the fonts settings menu. For us who use Samsung smartphones we need to navigate to settings - Display - Fonts. If we use other products, for example HTC we have to navigate to Settings - Display and Gestures. Next, choose Emoji Font 3 and click “Done”. Our Android font will change slightly because basically the FlipFont 3 app is a font app and the iPhone emojis are part of it. The Font 3 does not have too many difference than the original font version, so it is hardly noticeable. If we want to minimize the changing effect, we can reduce the font size.

Last step, open the keyboard in any application and then bring those iOS emojis on Android up. We will finally see that the emojis that come with the fonts are just the same as on iPhone or other iOS devices. We may see the minor difference but it is the consequences because we are not rooting our Android device. So, that is how to view iPhone emojis on Android devices.