When you want to take advantage of the features of Android Device Manager to keep track of your phone is lost, you should make sure that you know about how to turn on Android Device Manager correctly so this feature is able to work optimally. Many people doubt the functions and benefits of these features because they have failed to find an Android phone using these tools either feature or by using the version of the application or website. Here are some steps to turn on Android Device Manager should you do when your mobile device is still within grasp.

How to Turn On Android Device Manager

The first thing that needs to be done about how to turn on Android Device Manager is turn on location access. In this case, you can go to 'Settings' and then scroll down and select the 'Location'. On the next screen, you can turn on location access. You can select the location mode. If you choose a high accuracy, the phone should use GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular networks to determine the location. Battery-saving mode could be possible to determine the location of that connection. Whereas when you select activated mode, the phone will determine your location with GPS.

Furthermore, you can enable security settings Google. This is the second step to turn on Android Device Manager. You can go to Settings - Google - Security. On the security page, you should turn on "Remotely locate this device' which will show the location of the device on the device. Furthermore, you can press 'allow remote lock and erase'. By activating this mode, when you lose your mobile device, you can lock or factory reset the device remotely using the Android Device Manager. The next step should be done in activating Android Device Manager is looking for Android solution is to go to the site Android Device Manager and then log in using your account on your Android device. In this way, you can check if you can find an Android phone or not. If not, you can look to your Android phone and see if it makes your Google account or not.

With a few steps, you can more easily to take advantage of the sophistication and advancement of today's technology. You can perform the tracking of an Android phone you use more easily. Before you lost your phone, you should prepare for the possibility that bad. One is to understand how to turn on Android Device Manager.