For users of Android devices, you should know about how to manage Android devices Google Account because it is very important to do. When an Android device is lost, you can use your Google account to help locate, lock or remove the contents of the device. Of course, when you want to take advantage of Android Device Manager Tool, you should be sure to have a Google account because it is so closely related to the management of these devices. The Android device is still in the grip, you should prepare to manage Android devices Google Account.

Manage Android Devices Google Account

First, you need to enable and manage your Android devices Google Account. You can open Google Settings and select Security. In the 'Android Device Manager' you can find two options namely 'on "Remotely locate this device' or 'allow remotely lock or factory reset'. You can choose according to your needs whether you want to enable or not. In this case, you should make sure that you sign in to your Google account on the device when you want to use the tool. Furthermore, you should know how to turn on location access. How to enable location access is by opening Settings, then on the 'Privacy' you can choose the 'location'. You make sure you have moved into an active position. After all these processes, you can test it before. You can sign in to your Google account and see if the mobile device you are using is displayed or not. When you do not see the display, you should check whether you have login to your Google account, your current location, and Android Device Manager Tool is active. Such steps will allow you to manage Android devices Google Account.

There are many benefits to enable Google account on your Android device. When you want to change phones, you can be easier to transfer contacts, mail, or other data via the Google account. However, of course, you should also keep your Google account password securely so that the account is not used by another person for the benefit of hunting and harm you. You can take advantage of a variety of tools or application where the password to be able to save and secure passwords for important accounts. This is a simple way to manage Android devices Google Account.