Simple Way to Know about How to Get Android Contacts on iPhone

How To Get Android Contacts On Iphone

If at this time you will switch to using iOS devices such as iPhone, you may be confused about how to get Android contacts on iPhone easily. Contact list seems to be one of the data that is very important in a relationship of communication so it certainly would be a pity when it should disappear. On the other hand, to get the Android contacts on iOS devices, you must also reluctant and lazy when it should move one by one. In addition to spending a lot of time, it is also very inefficient. In fact, there may be some contacts tucked double or in writing. Obviously, this method is considered very boring especially if you have a contact list that is pretty much on the iPhone device.

Actually, if you are conscientious and careful, you can find some ways on how to get Android contacts on the iPhone in addition to input one at a contact's data. One of them is a way to export your contacts via your Google account. However, of course, to exporting the data in your Google account, you must store all contact data to be transferred to the account Google. How do exporting to get Android contacts to iPhone through synchronization Google account is to bring up the settings on your iOS device, and select 'email, contacts, calendar', followed by selecting 'Add account', then you can select 'Google', you can enter Google username and password then press 'next' to continue the process of synchronizing your Google account to get the contact data stored on that account.

In addition to sync your Google account, you can also transfer contacts via the SIM card. This method is fairly easy way could even be an option for devices that are not yet sophisticated. However, for those of you who already understand the development of technology, you can take advantage of special application that can be used to get Android on your iPhone contacts. One way is to take advantage of applications 'Move to iOS' is available in the Google Play Store. By utilizing these applications, you can do the transferring of data from your Android device to iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad with ease. This application is not only able to move the contact data, but also photos, videos, messages or other easily. The existence of these advanced applications, you do not need to be confused about how to get Android contacts on iPhone.