How to Delete the Unused Google Android Device Manager 

Google Android device manager delete service – Many of us may often wonder how we can delete devices rooted from our Android system which are unused. Undeniably, such devices tend to spend more RAM while they are actually not intended at all. The real answer is there is no any official way. Once you already have those devices, it means you have to keep them there even forever. However, you should not worry, there are still some other ways you can try to delete and remove them. It still depends on the type of Android and Smartphone itself of course. Just check them out. 

Google Android Device Manager Delete Device

Visiting the Play Store

Google Play Store may be only known as a place where you can find your favorite apps. More than that, it is able as well to find out the Google Android device manager delete device. First of all, you sure need to directly go to the Google Pay Store available on your Smartphone’s screen. Then, just touch the gear icon placed on the top and right corner. There will be some options appeared in which you only need to select the Setting option. Next, this will bring you to a sort of page namely “My Device” where the lists of all types of Smartphone are available. Try to find out the “Unnamed Device” that provides all the information related to your phone. There is also another box titled “Show in Menus” which is the other name of your default programs. If you are intended to delete the device you don’t want, you can remove the check of the box and finally you will not see the app in te menu. 

Visiting Google Security

The method explained above let you remove or delete the devices yourself. However, the security is still questioned anyway. It is because all of those default devices are likely meant to be there. Therefore, trying to remove them even with the way described in the previous point is still considered as risky. It probably works properly on some kinds of devices. However, they are probably not for the others. Based on that fact, you should also try this way. It is by visiting the Google Security. You may firstly go to the Setting and then sign in to the Google Account page. The activity of removing device is probably not allowed. But if you are lucky, you can do the Google Android device manager delete device more safely.