With the development of today's technology, many people are keen to find the best emoji app for Android compatible with iPhone. Actually, any mobile device like smartphone from diverse platforms is equipped with a unique and characteristic emoji. Emoji can be used to describe the expression of smartphone users or make communication even more amusing and interesting. However, many users of Android smartphone devices that are interested in emoji iPhone whereas Android phone itself already has some emoji that can be used. Many people expressed that Android phones are less cute emoji and colored so that it seems less attractive to use. This is why you might be interested in the application for Android compatible with iPhone.

Emoji App for Android Compatible with iPhone

If you really want to use the iPhone emoji on your Android device, you can use an emoji app for Android compatible with iPhone that is called Sliding Emoji Keyboard - iOS. This free application can be installed without rooting the phone, so that you will not be bothered to root processes that often can interfere with the performance of the mobile phone. Application usage is also quite easy because you only need to download the app via the Google Play Store. This app is not large at around 3 MB so you do not have to worry that your phone will be slow after installing the application. Furthermore, you can follow the installation steps for emoji app for Android. You can go to Settings then Language and Input. In this case, you can choose Sliding Emoji then tap also on the Default and choose Sliding Emoji well. With this process, you will see that the iPhone emoji has active and can be used.

Many people prefer emoji iPhone because it has a funny look. Although the Android phone is also equipped with emoji comes from factories, many people want to use emoji iPhone that makes the conversation becomes more exciting and amusing. Some people may choose to use the root when it wants to use an application to get the Emoji. However, the root process has risks that could make your Android device is problematic. In this case, choose the application that can be run without root certainly much safer. You can still enjoy the fun chat with cute emoji emoji-comfortably. In addition, today, you can find emoji app for Android is compatible with the iPhone, which can be used free and without root.