Clean Master App Pros and Cons

One of the most common questions about Clean Master antivirus for Android, is it really useful? Many people, especially Android users asking these question on online forums. If you have the same question, this is the explaination you may want to hear. Basically, Clean Master app delete all junk files in order to boost up the speed of your Android device. It deletes these following things below: 
Clean Master Antivirus For Androids

· Cached data
When the system and apps work, they will save cached data in the RAM. Clean Master antivirus for Android is smart enough in cleaning system and apps cached data. However, if you delete all cached data with Clean Master, some of the apps may cache them again.

· Ad Junk

Applications and websites may save a lot of junk files in the phone memory. Clean Master app is able to get rid of them.

· Obsolete apks

This software program is able to find all obsolete or outdated applicationss in your Android phone as well as suggesting you to uninstall or update the apps with a backup.

· Memory boost

Android OS and other applications needs room to operate and they use RAM memory to do their work. Here, Clean Master will force stop them as well as deletes the RAM space in order to boost memory.

· Advanced Clear

Clean Master contains advanced tool you can use for deleting big files, cache as well as temporary data. However, it is better to know about the drawbacks of using Clean Master.

· Spend battery life

Clean Master app eats your device’s battery life. As soon as it will kill the app from running in background, after some time the apps may start working again and it is consuming more power.

· Spend unnecessary space

Though Clean Master is just 15 MB in size but it also save cached data in the device’s RAM memory so it eats unnecessary space.

· Slow down the phone speed

Clean Master antivirus for Android is specially made to boost up the speed of your device but the performance will be slowing down. It means, the reality is different from what developers claim.