How to Use the Android Device Manager Application 

Android device manager application has so many functions despite helping you in doing your daily activity. However, there are probably some other functions that you still don’t realize until now. In other words, with the presence of Android device manager, some of your troubles can even be solved much easily. So, what are they? Here they are for you. 
Android Device Manager Application

Finding Your Lost Android Phone

Actually, this function is already invented only around two years ago. Fortunately, it works very well. Even, almost all types of Android is now using this service to help the customers more. For some Android series, this app can simply be enjoyed without doing anything as it is already isted on teh default program. However, if you cannot find it, you may go to the Google Play Services. Then, it is provided in the Google Settings. If you want to use it to get back your lost phone, you may go to the Google Settings, then Android Device Manager, Remotely Locate This Device, and astly the Location Access. You have to make sure as well that the box is already checked. On the other hand, the manager cannot track the device if the settings are not enabled. 

Ringing and Locking the Phone

The Android device manager application should not be directly used when it is just misplaced and not stolen. Actually, you only need to set the phone to make it ring so that it can be found easily. However, it will be a different case if the map shows that your phone is not nearby, it is time to use the app. The next way is by locking your phone once the app is able to contact your lost phone. 

Wiping the Phone when It is Gone Forever

There is surely a case when your phone cannot be located even when you use this application. Of course, mainly if it is stolen, there is a big chance if the thief has already changed the system inside. For this case, there is no other choice except erasing it. It is basically used for the security of your own data mainly if you have set the password and other things. The effect of this action is that all the data available in your losing phone will be erased and you cannot get it back. That’s why; this way should be done if you are sure that you cannot get your lost phone back. Those are the ways to use the Android device manager application anyway.