Benefit of remove phone from android device manager features 

Here is how you can remove device using android device manager for secure your privacy data and message. To remove phone from android device manager you can do simply by doing this guide. The android device manager remove device is feature that you get when you have android gadget and then enable with Google account. This is feature that you can do for several purposes. First, you can use for remove Google account from old device that no longer use by you. Second, you can use for remove Google account from your device that has been stolen or lost. Third, you can access Google account from the device and erase it.

Remove Phone From Android Device Manager

To remove phone from android device manager it is simply. The first step that you need to do is use computer, smartphone, or other gadget you have that connect to internet and access to internet browser. Go to and then from the web page, there are features that available for you to create accounts or activate features in Google account. select the “sign in and security” option and then choose “device activity and notification. Choose the option of recently used devices option and then click review devices. There will be list of devices that create and connect with your google account. choose the unused device that you want to remove. This will give you more security protection to your data and phone at once simply way.

Android device manager is available to access from two different ways, by using android device manager app from other android device or from official website of android device manager. Once you logged in into your account, android device manager will locate the location from missing device. And as it get signal and the location, you will have three options to do, by ring it, lock it, or even to remotely wipe the device. If device you lost are not in location where it can get signal, android device manager will reports the location when the device get online. The last option will useful when you are purposing for secure your sensitive data in your phone. By remove phone from android device manager when you do not have the device any longer means that you are protect your sensitive data from others who find your phone. This also prevent others from find your account from device inside.