How you remove devices from android device manager? When your device is no longer in your hand due to you have the new one, or you even do not recognize the device, so you are able to remove the device from your Google account by using android device manager. To remove the devices you want, then you need to use phone’s browser and access to From this site go to section on “sign in and security” option, then tap device activity and notification. In the section in “recently used devices” option tap to “review devices” list to see your device list you have been logged into your account before this.  Choose the device that you want to remove and click to icon “remove”.

Remove devices from android device manager

What is android device manager? This is native tool that has great function for help locate and remote the lost or stolen device. When you have android, it is best for set it up using Google account and then when your device get lost or stolen, you are able to locate and find the device by track it from android device manager. Hence, to add your device to android device manager open “settings” app in your device. Tap the screen to “security” option.  Below the android device manager screen, switch the locate remotely to device for allow to remote lock or erase by check to turn on or off option. The erase means that you are able to remove devices from android device manager. This is safest way for keeping your data keep in secure when your phone get lost or stolen. For turn off android device manager, log in into device manager to access. Navigate to apps> Google setting. Tap to security and then tap to following turn on or turn off switches for remotely locate to the device.

In addition to remove the device from android device manager, the next tip also helps you to hide the device that always shows up in the lists. This tip also able you to restrict the access from devices that you do not recognize to Google account. Go to Google Play Store from PC browser and click the setting option. Seek to “My device” that listed all gadgets you register to your account. Go to “visibility” column and check the “show in menu” box and ticked to default. To remove devices from android device manager, click “my device” and uncheck the box.