How you use android device manager to unlock phone when you forgot the password or PIN? The main reason people set up their smartphone with lock screen security is for keeping others people such as your friend or stranger from checking private messages, pictures and data on your phone. In addition, people do not want their data get accessed by others when they get lost their phone such as emails and other sensitive data. However, how if you are not only the one that have access to your phone? Or if you are forgetting pattern or PIN? There is an easy solution for answer this problem without smashing your phone by using Android Device Manager that enabled to your device before you locked out the phone.  Here are guide for unlock you’re your device using android device manager.

Use android device manager to unlock phone

As it is stated before, this is method that only available to do into devices that have enables their android device manager. The first step is visit official site in Sign in into the site using Google login that also use for the locked phone. In the interface of android device manager, choose the device that you want to unlock. Choose “select” option. In the window that appeared then, enter the temporary password. You are not required to enter the recovery message and click the “lock” option again. If the step has successfully done, then there will be a box that confirm the step with option of “ring”, “lock”, and “erase” options. There will be see password field where you should enter new temporary password that next step use android device manager to unlock phone. Now, go to settings on your phone and the disable the temporary password you have enter before. If you have android device manager has not been enabled before, then to unlock your phone you can choose from Google log in.

How if you do not enabled your android device manager before? This step is work for android 4.4 and under to unlock the screen pattern. The first step is enter wrong pattern of screen pattern 5 times. After that, will be a box appears with “forgot pattern” and then enter the backup PIN or using Google account log in. with this step, your phone should be unlocked now. If you still do not have any option with these PIN or Google account log in, then you can try to unlock your phone with custom recovery pattern that requires ZIP pattern that you can find in internet.