Google device manager not working - Google always try to improve their product and services to give their customer great and comfortable experience when using their product. One of them is the Android Operating System (OS). There are many improvements since few years ago for Android OS. However, one of the most significant and revolution innovation is the Android Device Manager (ADM). This application can be used to control your Android device from other place and far distance. This is useful, if you lose your Android devices, so you can protect it from misuses. But, there are many case when google device manager not working.

The most common case is when your device isn’t detected by ADM. If this happen, the most common cause is you haven’t activate your device location function. And, mostly, it also happens if your device internet connection hasn’t been turned on or you accidentally turn it off. But, the funny thing is, there are also many cases when a device owner has been turned on ADM and internet connection as well as the location function, but still, their device isn’t show up on the tracking function of ADM. If that happen, you are in really problem. Mostly this google device manager not working problem occurs on Android devices that use the Android 5.0 and later. Yes, ADM firstly developed for Android 2.2. However, it experience lot of modification and perfection until its latest version today. The solution for this problem is actually easy to do. You can re-sign on Google Account to make it show up on the tracking map. And, some of user also has found other solution for this matter. You just need to clean your device cache and some of data from some of your apps. This way, you can reactivate your device and it will be shown on the ADM tracking map.

Google device manager not working

The worst case about ADM doesn’t work anymore is person that stole or take your device has been doing factory reset and delete all your data. If this happen, it will be harder to find your devices. More than that, there is also possibility that your Android devices have been physically destroyed. You can do nothing, if this is what really happens. Basically, if you want to protect your Android devices, you can’t only depend on ADM. You also need to backup your data regularly and make sure you are careful when you carry and keep your Android device. That way, you don’t need to worry about google device manager not working problem.