Do you know that Google Play store builds up device manager google play list from your devices? By the time, Google keep add devices that you use with Google account into device list in Google Play Store. Sometimes it makes irrelevant when you sold the device or if you just borrow the device. In addition, you might find that most of them are devices that you are not use or own anymore. There is no harm to your device with this, but if you notice that it is not accurate, and take your space, this will annoyed you when you need to install the new one.  Here is guide to remove Google Play device list.

Device manager google play

Do you know that your old android device are unable to completely removed from Google Play Store archive, but you are able to hide it so the device will no longer exist in device list appearance. With this step will make easier for list navigation, especially when you have dozens of android device in last years. The first step is open Google Play store from browser and click small gear icon on the top right screen and choose “setting” option. Check to “my device” page as this will show your record of device activity in Google Play Store. You are able to see all devices that you have ever log in into Google Play and there also few details from each device in the right.

Next, choose the particular device that it should appear in menu or should not appear by select the option of “visibility” by checking or not checking it. After it click the option “edit” for assign the nickname to your device. By default, Google play store will list gadgets as unknown device. When you signing the nickname, there will be a glance of smartphone and tablet is. After you have renames your device, click the “update” option to save changes you have made. The entire changes are universal that means it will also apply into all properties of Google. This means that the entire devices you set for visible will also renamed into “Compatible device” in Google Play Store list as well as in others setting such as android device manager and others. And just with that’s simple step, you are able to clean up, manage, and reorganize device overview. With this device manager google play guide, you are able to find right smartphone or tablet device you use in Google Play in easier way and faster. It does not matter again how much android device you have before. You can manage it well with this.