For Android devices user, they must be familiar with an official application from Google, the creator of Android Operating System (OS) that was created for device and data protection. This application is called Android Device Manager (ADM). But, the funny thing it, there are also many user that doesn’t know that there is ADM for their devices. It’s reasonable, because you need to download it separately. We can say that this is one of important app. it has lot of function. But, you might want to know, how does device manager work really is. So, here is some short explanation about that matter.

How Device Manager Really Work

Actually, the ADM only work, if there is internet connection. Therefore, you have to always turn on the internet connection on your Android devices. Of course, before that, you also need to activate this function. The application will work like bridge or connector between you, as the owner, and your Android devices that maybe lost and used by other people. When you want to use several function on ADM, for example tracking function, ring, lock or erase, you need to use your Google account and send the command for the function that you want to activate. That’s actually the simple way to explain how does device manager work really is. Furthermore, after you send the command, Google will detect the devices that you have and run that function. The function, like mentioned before, is divided into 4 different commands. There is tracking, like its name it will give you the location of your device through GPS. There is also ring, like its name it will make your device. And then, lock and erase, it will lock your Android devices and erase all data in that device, so other people won’t be able to use it.

However, the most important thing that you have to do to make ADM work is signing it up. Actually, every time you use and access Google Play Store, your device will be detected and registered. But, you can only use the ADM by signing up your device. More than that, you also can use the different name for your device that will be easier to know, like with the name that you like. So, basically, that’s how does device manager work. You will need it to get better protection from many problem, such as identity theft or even worth, using your device for evil purpose that will only give you more problem in the future.