Locate your Location use Android Device Manager

Android device manager web - Almost all of the phone users may wonder about how to track your phone lost or stolen? How your Android can be found? This is the one of question from the android users that come up in their mind around 80%. The one of solution is use the android device manager that able to locate and remote your any devices that had been lost or stolen. There are several features that very useful to get back your phone. Beside that, you do not worry if your data gets into wrong hand because you able to wipe all your data if your phone had been lost or stolen. The only thing that you should need is the Google account then you need to go to the Android Device Manager web to locate your phone or other devices. This is because this tools not only for one device or phones.

However, in many cases, you may find several difficulties to find your Android if you do not know the proper way. But, the android device manager web or Android Device Manager app will give lighter steps to locate your Android.

Android device manager web

How you can locate your phone using Android Device Manager?

The first options, you can try use the Android Device Manager web:
-       You can sign in to your own Google account.
-       If you have more than one device, you can click the arrow next to the device name then you able to select the different device as well.
-       The Android Device Manager will show your approximate location from your device that had selected.

The second option, you can use the Android Device Manager:

If you had the other phone, you can use the Android Device Manager application to find out the devices that had been lost. You should have this application then install in your device if you have plan to use it.

-       On your device, you an open the Android Device Manager Applications.
-       Signed up to your Google account.
-       Then you need to change the device displayed.
-       In your phone: you can swipe along the button that able to see your device.
-       In your tablet: you can tap the arrow next to the device then you can choose the device.
-       The Android Device Manager will show the approximate location from the device that had selected.Android device manager web.