Android device manager ring not working may possibly appear. Android device manager is an application or tool to detect android devices or smartphone using a Google email added in your android. This feature is available on Google to help or ease you finding and detecting a smartphone location relying on internet and gps on your smartphone. This application is used to lock your smartphone if it is lost to keep privacy. Android device manager ring is a kind of this application feature. Not working ring can be a common problem faced to install this application.

Android Device Manager Ring Not Working

Features and Uses of Android Device Manager

There are several features of android device manager that can be understood. The features are helpful to operate it correctly. The first feature is android device manager ring. This feature has a function to make lost android or smartphone connected to be ringing. The ringing is like a smartphone called by someone. If android is silent or mute mode automatically it will be full volume and ringing loudly. It is sometimes not working when you forget to activate it. Android device manager ring not working is caused by forgetting to activate it. You should activate it to hear the loud ringing.

Lock or Key is a feature having function to lock lost android that is only opened when you know the password from your Gmail. Thus, when your android devices are lost, lock it to keep privacy and data in order to be unable to open by the others. Search is a button to find location of devices that you seek. If you don’t press this button, android device manager cannot scan or search location of your android. After login and choose a certain device, you must select that button to find location of your lost smartphone.

The Principles of Android Device Manager Ring

Android device manager ring is the first feature that can make your smartphone ringing by itself until 5 minutes. Generally, this feature is very useful to find your lost android device or location where you put it. To make it ringing, you need to arrange the setting of ring. If you forget to manage the setting, android device manager ring will not work. Make sure that this application is connected fully to internet. The android device manager ring not working may be not connected to internet. The ringing of this ring is useful to assist you find the exact location of lost android or smartphone. Set it by pressing button “Ringing”. Your smartphone will ring loudly when it has been set. Having conducted those actions, it is impossible that android device manager ring not working.